Monday, November 23, 2009

Lookout!!--Part 2: Anyone and Everyone

I believe that war is breaking out in the Democrat party. It may be in its smaller stages now, but it seems to me that the Left is poised and ready to strike, with each other in the cross-hairs. Obama has already proven that he is willing to attack those who oppose him (i.e. Fox News, talk radio hosts, etc.), but what if the opposition came from his own party? It would be no different. I say this because Obama has shown us that he cares more about his own image then he does about his constituents. Why do you think he hasn't presented his own plan for health-care? Democrats are searching or his leadership and direction, but he hasn't given it. Why? If whatever plan Congress comes up with fails, none of the blame can be cast on him. Sounds to me like typical Obama behavior and his twisted way of doing things.

Observation: A scared America

More and more, I'm hearing from the people of this great nation that the average citizen is afraid. Afraid of what Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of our government is doing. During every presidency, there will typically be that small faction suspicious of what our government is doing, but this can hardly be considered typical. The best example of this is the H1N1 vacine; whether good for us or not, the people of this nation possess a complete lack of trust for anything this government hands us, even if that means something to combat a potentially fatal disease. How is this so? Personally, I think Obama's complete lack of experience and compitency to match has citizens feeling like we're in the back seat of a car driven down the Interstate by a six year old.... and we all know how that would end.