Monday, February 1, 2010

Observation--Part 3: Crybaby-in-Chief

As we pass the one-year anniversary of our new president, you would think that he could stop complaining about the eight years before his term began and look towards...I dunno...the future, maybe? Of course not--not this one anyway. This past week especially has been non-stop blaming of the Bush Administration for EVERYTHING (State of the Union included--I mean come on! That was just a disgrace!). The problem with this bad habit of our Crybaby-in-Chief is that HE has been President for the past year and the American people are getting fed-up with his lack of fixing things (just ask Scott Brown). Just in case he thinks that a year is not enough to fix anything, how about the THREE years that the Democrats have been in control of Congress? Its funny, when he says something about the economy he inherited, is Mr. Obama not really talking about the economy that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid gave him? This is great, by the way, because this fuels the war still cooking up in the Democrat party that I predicted months ago. Once election time becomes too dangerously close for the Left, tempers will flare and the political blood will be spilt, just in time for Obama and Company to loose control of one (or both) Houses this November (mmmm...smells like victory!).

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Observation--Part 2: Fast food government!

There are many ways in which we can classify the Obama administration and the democrat party as a whole. One of the most interesting ideas that I have had in the past few weeks is the thought of comparing our government to a fast food restaurant. Of course, this seems like a strange concept at first, but the more I ponder this thought, the more it makes sense--the more the similarities begin to emerge. Imagine with me a small, local diner offering great food at a decent price. Not everyone can afford eating there all the time, but I'm not talking about outrageous prices, by any means. Now imagine that one day, there is a public outcry by the lower-class in this community calling for lower prices and 'food for everyone!' Fearing going out-of-business, our diner must reinvent itself as a fast food venue: i.e. 'Obama King', 'McBiden's', your choice. What will the public outcry be then when the community realizes that while the prices go down and the availability goes up, quality falls right along with the price! Pretty soon, nobody wants to eat at our little economic experiment! Understand me, I'm not trashing the fast-food industry, but everybody knows that if you want a high quality burger, fast-food is not the direction one should go. Don't be fooled! Just as everybody knows that the burger you see on the menu is not what you are going to get, the pictures of Obama-care and everything else our government offers that they are painting is NOTHING like what the American people are going to get. Just image how worse our restaurant would be if it could punish those who choose to buy food from somewhere else! Trust me, this is exactly what will happen if we continue to let our 'fast-food' government call the shots.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lookout!!--Part 2: Anyone and Everyone

I believe that war is breaking out in the Democrat party. It may be in its smaller stages now, but it seems to me that the Left is poised and ready to strike, with each other in the cross-hairs. Obama has already proven that he is willing to attack those who oppose him (i.e. Fox News, talk radio hosts, etc.), but what if the opposition came from his own party? It would be no different. I say this because Obama has shown us that he cares more about his own image then he does about his constituents. Why do you think he hasn't presented his own plan for health-care? Democrats are searching or his leadership and direction, but he hasn't given it. Why? If whatever plan Congress comes up with fails, none of the blame can be cast on him. Sounds to me like typical Obama behavior and his twisted way of doing things.

Observation: A scared America

More and more, I'm hearing from the people of this great nation that the average citizen is afraid. Afraid of what Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of our government is doing. During every presidency, there will typically be that small faction suspicious of what our government is doing, but this can hardly be considered typical. The best example of this is the H1N1 vacine; whether good for us or not, the people of this nation possess a complete lack of trust for anything this government hands us, even if that means something to combat a potentially fatal disease. How is this so? Personally, I think Obama's complete lack of experience and compitency to match has citizens feeling like we're in the back seat of a car driven down the Interstate by a six year old.... and we all know how that would end.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Conservative's Voice--Part 2: Term limits for 'career politicans'

There is something that I and many other Conservatives have been saying for a very long time: I am sick of our 'representatives'' complete lack of representing the nation! Congressmen on both sides of the aisle have gotten too rapped up in D.C. politics and, by doing so, have lost touch with the American people. It is time that this is stopped! I am calling for both our Senators and Representatives to give themselves term limits. It is nothing short of despicable that our public servants in our nation's capital have become so comfortable living off our dollars and making themselves rulers over us. They must wake-up to the notion that they serve us and our interests not those of their political party, Washington, the federal government, or most certainly not of themselves. Join me and others in saying NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS who abuse their positions as well as their people.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Democrat Playbook--Part 2: ' any other name'

Just for a moment, lets contrast the liberal and conservative playbooks. When a conservative wants to change public opinion about a certain issue, he/she simply uses facts to present a clear, concise argument to an audience, hoping to educate them and thereby change the opinion. I have noticed something about the democrat way of changing public opinion, however. Maybe they decided that educating the public is too inefficient, but it seems that if the public doesn't like something, they'll just call it something else! Just make it sound like something the people want! Why allow them decide if they want it when you can make them think its something they already want! The most notorious change is the word 'fairness'. Hmmm, sounds like the democrats would rather play on the emotions of the average person rather than appeal to their intellect. Sounds like nothing but a bunch of classic stereotypical used car salesmen to me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sticks and Stones--Part 2: They're at it again!

I'm noticing a pattern. If you've read my posts from last month, you can see that I had pointed out a bad habit of the new administration and their affiliated political party: name calling. As childish as it may sound, the Democrat party has been using this tactic for decades and the latest president is proving to be no better. With support for Socialized Medicine dropping (along with Obama's approval numbers), the Dems bring out an old friend, Jimmy Carter, to dish out some hate and throw down the race card (by the way, isn't it ironic that the Old Jimmy Carter has been called out to save the New Jimmy Carter?). Now, once again, if you have any disagreements with Dr. Obama's plans, you are fueled by racism against our first black president (or should I say half-black president? Then I can only be considered half-racist. Ha). I had disagreements with the Bush administration; does that make me racist against the white race? No, no. According the democrats at that time, I was a patriot!