Monday, October 5, 2009

Democrat Playbook--Part 2: ' any other name'

Just for a moment, lets contrast the liberal and conservative playbooks. When a conservative wants to change public opinion about a certain issue, he/she simply uses facts to present a clear, concise argument to an audience, hoping to educate them and thereby change the opinion. I have noticed something about the democrat way of changing public opinion, however. Maybe they decided that educating the public is too inefficient, but it seems that if the public doesn't like something, they'll just call it something else! Just make it sound like something the people want! Why allow them decide if they want it when you can make them think its something they already want! The most notorious change is the word 'fairness'. Hmmm, sounds like the democrats would rather play on the emotions of the average person rather than appeal to their intellect. Sounds like nothing but a bunch of classic stereotypical used car salesmen to me.

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  1. At least Obama be getten a piece prize. I think that will proov that he is rite and the wite man is rong.