Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Observation--Part 2: Fast food government!

There are many ways in which we can classify the Obama administration and the democrat party as a whole. One of the most interesting ideas that I have had in the past few weeks is the thought of comparing our government to a fast food restaurant. Of course, this seems like a strange concept at first, but the more I ponder this thought, the more it makes sense--the more the similarities begin to emerge. Imagine with me a small, local diner offering great food at a decent price. Not everyone can afford eating there all the time, but I'm not talking about outrageous prices, by any means. Now imagine that one day, there is a public outcry by the lower-class in this community calling for lower prices and 'food for everyone!' Fearing going out-of-business, our diner must reinvent itself as a fast food venue: i.e. 'Obama King', 'McBiden's', your choice. What will the public outcry be then when the community realizes that while the prices go down and the availability goes up, quality falls right along with the price! Pretty soon, nobody wants to eat at our little economic experiment! Understand me, I'm not trashing the fast-food industry, but everybody knows that if you want a high quality burger, fast-food is not the direction one should go. Don't be fooled! Just as everybody knows that the burger you see on the menu is not what you are going to get, the pictures of Obama-care and everything else our government offers that they are painting is NOTHING like what the American people are going to get. Just image how worse our restaurant would be if it could punish those who choose to buy food from somewhere else! Trust me, this is exactly what will happen if we continue to let our 'fast-food' government call the shots.

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