Monday, August 31, 2009

Speak for Yourself!!: Liberal Media

One thing that I cannot stand is the Obama administration's demonization of the insurance company. Just because insurance companies are a business, which therefore must worry about making a profit (after all, they do have employees to pay), does not at all mean that they are greedy, no-good, money-hungry entities that will kill you if it made them a few extra bucks! By the way, hospitals are businesses as well and are therefore required to make some sort of profit if they ever expect to continue to tend to those who need medical attention. Is that to say that all hospitals are greedy institutions who care nothing of their attendees? Of course not! On top of this, the Obama administration, with help from the 'mainstream' media, has begun an assault on doctors as well! Ironically, the liberal media are all run by businesses, who, just like insurance companies and hospitals, must worry about profit! I wish that the American people could start a campaign calling all liberal media outlets greedy capitalists who only care about money, not the real news. In short, any media outlet putting down insurance companies and/or doctors needs to speak for themselves!--and isn't that the truth.

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