Monday, June 29, 2009

Get Out of My Party--Part 1:"Too much of the individual"?

Anybody calling themselves a 'conservative' saying that the Republican Party focuses 'too much on the individual' needs to stay FAR from this party. I say this because a great foundation of liberty is the freedoms we posses as individuals. This is key for anyone outside of the Republican Party trying to understand it. It is our desire that the residents of this nation view themselves as individuals, not as members of a larger community. Naturally, we realize that we have an obligation to those around us and act accordingly, for when we help each other, we are helping individuals reach their goals with their potential and their dreams. For one to accomplish this, one must cast aside the 'community mindset' and stand on their own two feet, accepting the consequences for their choices--good or bad. Sadly, the GOP is currently divided on this issue among others, but it is the basis for true conservatism and what we as conservative republicans live by.

--J. Edward Beard

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