Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama-care: Cost-per-Life

I have a question for Obama and other democrats proposing socialized-medicine for the United States. I look around at the media and am completely surprised that no one else is talking about it. Under this type of government-run medicine, how long will it take before bureaucrats decide that keeping a human-being on life-support is not cost-effective. Imagine when (not if) debts get too high and money becomes tight, the small pannel of persons trusted with all health decisions begins to look at lives in terms of cost. Obama himself stated that some older people may have to opt with pain killers as opposed to a necessary surgury; it is not any stretch of the imagination to think that all patients kept on life-support must one day be 'unplugged'. I am shocked that no body on either side is talking about this, because the day will come.

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